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Linux and Unix hosting are two different types of operating systems that still are very similar to one another. That’s why as a rule, Linux web hosting plans contain both of them. Being complete operating systems, Linux and Unix can run various hardware including Intel, PowerPCs, Digital Alpha computers, Silicon Graphics workstation or AMD CPUs. The other great thing about Linux is that it is freely distributable. In other words, its source code for kernel and most software is free for access. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no charges for it at all.

Top 10 Linux & Unix Web Hosting Reviews

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1 BlueHost blog blog Webhost $6.95 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
2 Just Host blog blog Host $3.45 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
3 Super Green blog Web Host $3.95 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
4 Fat Cow blog Website Hosting $3.67 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
5 LunarPages windows Website Hosting $9.95 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
6 HostGator Web blog Hosting $4.95 Unlimited Unlimited $15.00 Review Sign Up
7 InMotion web hosting for blog sites $3.00 100 Gb 1,000 Gb FREE Review Sign Up
8 GoDaddy WebSite Hosting for blog Services $3.75 10 Gb 300 GB $1.99 Review Sign Up
9 1 and 1 WebSite Hosting for blog Services $3.99 10 Gb Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
10 MochaHost windows Web Host $2.63 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up

If you are not sure whether you need Unix Linux hosting, you should focus on the functions and programming languages that will be necessary for your website. As a rule, the main thing is to make a choice between PHP and ASP. The former is associated with virtual Unix hosting while the latter comes with Windows hosting. Linux domain hosting will be the best solution in case you are going to create a simple web site that uses HTML pages with little database or dynamic pages. The other thing to consider while deciding whether you need cheap Linux hosting is such option as usage of PERL, PHP or Python.

We offer you to read more about top Linux hosting plans paying attention to all the advantages and drawbacks of this type of hosting and choose the things are that the most appropriate just for you. It should be noted that free Linux hosting is described as reliable, secure hosting with high performance. As a rule, most Unix web hosting providers offer you free tools and applications that are written for Unix community. Being more technically oriented such companies provide you with custom designed systems. Writing CGI scripts on a Linux machine provides you with many options available including the advantages of PHP and PERL.

Various tutorials, introductions and sample scripts of PHP and PERL that are available on the Internet make your life easier. What is more, Linux domain hosting proves to be a very cost effective choice thanks to its efficient use of hardware. On the whole, Unix Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting.

Linux & Unix Hosting Plans Reviews

As a rule, database types offered depend on the Linux hosting PHP provider you choose. There are quite a lot of databases that are run on Linux, however, most hosts offer you MySQL or PostgreSQL. These databases are quite similar in nature and allow optimized communication with your websites that ensures quick retrieval of information.

The other benefit of Linux Unix hosting is PHP that has become very popular among programming languages. The ability to integrate Apache Web server, Chmod permission, MySQL or Mod Rewrite make this type of hosting attractive for most customers. Price is another advantage of hosting with Linux. Thus, for little or no cost you can obtain such additional software for Linux as Sendmail, BIND or APF Firewall.

Linux & Unix Hosting Server Service Reviews

While choosing what type of host to prefer you may be confused with Windows hosting and Linux hosting. There are not a lot of difference between them, but still let’s find out some of them. As you know, Windows is a property of Microsoft. So, if you intend to use some Microsoft applications such as Frontpage, ASP.Net or Visual C++, the Windows hosting is more advisable.
If compare performance of these two types of hosting, Linux systems prove to be more stable and secure. Thus, Linux based hosting runs without rebooting for a long time while Windows need frequent rebooting after upgrade. And the main advantage of best Linux hosting is a price that is much lower in comparison with Windows hosting plans. In other words, if you need reliable and cheap hosting without any special usage of Microsoft applications, Linux hosting services are the best choice for you.

Linux & Unix Web site Hosting Services Review

You also should consider your technical abilities while choosing VPS Unix hosting plan. For example, the ability to access to you accounts via Telnet or SSH requires a strong working knowledge of commands. They are essential for customizations beyond the basic needs. So, note that some time is required for you to learn basics in order to take advantage of Unix web hosting environment.

On the whole, Linux web hosting is the right choice if you use PHP scripting for your basic website that mainly created with HTML language. This type of hosting is considered to be very stable, scalable and secure. With a lot of technologies updated that as a rule are free, Linux reseller hosting can reduce your costs if compare with other hosting plans.